Total Health Program

Specialized Health Coaching including 4 key tests
And a customized plan for your individual needs


Learn What Specifically YOUR Body Needs!

Does your car take Diesel or Premium?  Just as you wouldn’t put the wrong gas in the engine of your car and expect it to perform optimally, the same goes for your nutrition needs.  Your body is made up of trillions of cells and your needs to keep your body running optimally are as unique as your fingerprint.

The diet industry is flooded with quick fix (yes “Whole30” and “21 day fix“) diets and one-size-fits-all programs that claim to help everyone get in shape, however so many people still struggle to get the results they work hard to achieve.

This is different!

By first assessing what your individual biochemical needs (just like finding out what your engine needs to run on) and identifying where your body is now, we are able to provide you with a customized program of what to eat, when to eat, what supplementation you may need and why, which foods are predominantly causing fat storage based on your dominant hormone glands, and the ideal workouts that will help you reach your goals.

Freedom To Eat® Customized Nutrition

The Last Diet You’ll Ever Do!  When you know your specific needs for Protein, Carbs & Fat it’s like finding the right fuel mix for your high performance engine. This program includes the Advanced Metabolic Typing Assessment for biochemical individuality.  No more guess work!


Food Sensitivity Testing

This blood test assesses 120 different foods and food products to identify what causes excessive inflammation and more specifically what is causing red blood cell death!  

Clients have experienced a reduction of inflammation in arthritic joints, irritable bowels and brain focus in as little as 7 days!

Brain Neurotransmitter Test

Find out the individual and group function of 6 different brain chemicals and identify your focus, energy, satisfaction, sleep and inflammatory response levels so that you can perform optimally. We Evaluate: Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Epinephrine, Histamine & Glutamate. 

The Hormone Map®

Identify the individual levels of 7 different hormones, and most important, the ratio between Stress:Recovery, Fight/Flight and Rest/Digest hormones. Also identify your overall steroidal/sex hormone levels and  balance your EstrogenTestosteroneProgesterone ratios that drive optimal function and vitality.This test will also evaluation Organic Acid profile for DNA damage, metabolism of hormones and the Cortisol Awakening Response. 

Which Foods Are Making You Sick?

We use the most accurate form of food sensitivity testing currently available.  This significantly helps remove the guess work and also goes far deeper than the typical approach of eliminating the top 7 allergens. We’ve found that people can be intolerant to all sorts of foods and by discovering that even a client with severe arthritis was able to fully open her hand in the morning after just 7 days following her protocol.

How are your hormones adapting to stress?

This is a report from a 39 yr old entrepreneur who was struggling with the stress of running a business, relationships and recovering from intense workouts/injuries.  The report clearly shows that the body had become exhausted by this lifestyle and the hormone levels were so low that recovery and vitality wasn’t possible doing the same old routine.  Within 90 days we’d helped this client to regain sexual vitality, recover from a torn muscle and get clean focused energy back for business activities.

Feel & Perform Better

This will be the most comprehensive health program that you’ve ever taken.  Combining Neurological, Hormonal, Psychological, and Bio-chemical individuality approaches to help you achieve the most individualized protocol designed to help YOUR body perform!

Eliminate Cravings

Find out why you may be craving sweets and carbohydrates even despite the most amount of will power you can muster.

Guided Workout Videos

Just as we need varied nutrition, we need varied workouts and types of training approaches to keep our bodies on track for results.

Vitamins & Suppliments

Take out the guess work of which supplements to take, which ones to avoid (toxicity) and when to take them to ensure you get the most value for your investment.

Weight Loss

Identify where your fat metabolism or energy production my be falling down and causing you to hold on to excess body fat or slow down your metabolism.

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritous Balance?

You’re Not Alone, And We’re Here to Help!

We have worked with thousands of clients in a wide range of situations overcome dysfunction in their health and create individualized programs to help them get in touch with what works specifically for them and get on the path to optimal health and vitality.

About your coaches –
Ben & Suzanne

Ben & Suzanne bring a unique, expert approach because of their diverse backgrounds, education and experience.

Ben Patwa has 18 years+ of extensive study and hands-on experience in Physiotherapy, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Holistic Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Fitness Competition Prep and Sports Performance.
He opened one of the first integrated wellness clinics in London, England and has presented to large audiences on these topics.

Suzanne Catherine has 20+ years in the field of Nursing, having worked at some of the top Critical Care Units and Post-Anesthesia Care Units in the country: New York Presbyterian Hospital – Cornell,  UCLA Medical Center, USC University Medical Center, UCSF Medical Center, Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
She has also spent 7+ years as a private health consultant, guiding many clients through various medical, surgical and life-altering interventions, using a unique and customized holistic plan of care for each individual.

Along the way we have helped: Movie Producers, Top 40 singers, PGA tour Golfers, renowned stock market traders, Government officials, Hollywood film & television celebrities, Bodybuilders & Fitness Models.  We have all too often seen how poor health destroys families, fortunes and freedom.
It strains relationships, business, finances and zaps the energy necessary to fully enjoy life.

We created this program to expand our reach and improve the health and lives of more people!

We’re with you every step of the way to success

Step 1 - Testing

We begin with a series of lab tests and self evaluation questionnaires to establish a baseline and to customize your program.

We believe that far too many people put their health at risk by guessing and not assessing.  Even Doctors do this with their clients with catastrophic negative results!


Step 2 - Initial Protocols

We begin with a customized protocol to help your body get back into balance.  Just as you’d wear a cast to help repair a broken bone, there is a period of time where you need to support your body to right itself.

Most of our protocols are designed in 90-day cycles. While we know that optimizing health is a marathon, most of our high performing clients also need to sprint and get some momentum/results NOW!

Step 3 - Accelerated Success

After a period of 90 days you will be performing and feeling much better. You’ll be aware of the differences that foods, supplements, workouts and lifestyle choices make and you’ll have more awareness and control over your health & vitality. Re-testing is recommended however not necessary as you are now more empowered to make choices and steer your self to success.

Success Stories

It’s been a pleasure working with you and I’m soooooo happy with the results I’ve received and everything that I’ve learned during this time.

I can’t begin to explain in words how wonderful it’s been to work through these issues and feel like myself again when I had so much despair before.

Carrie Crockett, Designer

“I was having some issues with lack of energy and a general feeling of malaise throughout the day. I was relying heavily on caffeine and other stimulants to power me through my weightlifting and running sessions.


I was referred to The Hormone Map™ and was recommended to take a saliva test to evaluate my hormone levels and look for the underlying cause of my problems.

Ben reviewed the results with me and “held my hand” as he broke all the scientific jargon down into layman’s terms so that I could see just what was going on.

I took the recommended supplements and started to get back to normal energy levels within a few weeks!
The follow up saliva test also revealed that my hormone levels had improved significantly.

I would highly recommend The Hormone Map™ to anyone who is looking to feel better, get stronger, more fit and stabilize their energy levels as well as increase their sense of well-being.”

Mike Rule, Trainer& Publicist

“I started working with Ben a few years back after suffering a rather extreme case of adrenal fatigue while tackling a graduate program and working full time. I felt so horrible I was inclined to go towards more extreme measures. After a long review of my situation, Ben recommended we try a more balanced approach. He gave me supplement recommendations that were far more affordable and within two to three days of taking them, I was already feeling better. Fortunately Ben & Suzanne are there to re-evaluate everything on a weekly basis to address questions or concerns. Sometimes I fall off balance a bit with the stresses of life. Fortunately Ben & Suzanne have a very holistic view of health and can make easy and affordable tweaks that help me regain balance and either feel a lot better or perform a lot better.”

Ravi Chand, MBA

“Ben was clear and explicit in his interpretation of my adrenal results. He took the least invasive, natural approach to my adrenal issues and also arranged to coordinate care with my primary physician if more intensive action is required.


They set forth goals and check-up points for my treatment as it moves forward, and helped me to order the products I needed.

In addition, they made a comprehensive video presentation interpreting of my results which has been useful to share with other doctors and for personal reference.”

Guy Thyer, Student

Receive a Free copy of our book.
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We wrote the #1 book about nutrition and emotional eating which involved stories from a combined 30 years in the field of nutrition and medicine with the most effective technologies from Neuro-linguistic​ Programming and behavior change science.

By following the step-by-step system in this book, you’ll be far more aware of the hidden triggers that led to your food cravings and emotional eating, as well as have practical strategies of how to get free from the cycle of dieting and restriction eating.
In just 40 days you’ll be free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Is testing necessary?

Yes! We believe that if you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.  This is one of the major reasons that programs don’t work for people.  Often doctors, nutritionists or trainers have good intentions, they simply just re-use programs that worked for other clients and share them with everyone. 

That’s like borrowing the same shoes as whoever won the recent Olympic 100m and thinking you’ll be as fast! (That’s not a smart idea by the way)

How quickly will I feel a difference?

If you read the content on this page, I’m sure you could imagine this answer coming… it all depends on the individual.

That said when adopting your customized protocol you can expect to notice a difference within 7 days.  

This also would depend on how quickly you implement the recommendations. Some clients prefer to start slowly and ease into it, so in this case, it may take longer to feel the effects of the program.

Can I share my program with my spouse or kids?

No! This is the most customized program that we know exists and we designed it that way to be able to guarantee that you’ll get results. 

We commend you for wanting your whole family to optimize their health.  Reach out to us at and let us know about your family.  We would be happy to work out a family program for you.  We’ve done it many times for other families or corporations.

What happens after the 90 day program?

After the 90 days, you will know more about your body and how it responds to exercise, the right fuel mix for you, spacing meals and what to avoid than ever before. 

Some clients like to re-test their hormones and neurotransmitters at this time to see data about the changes that have been made. 

Re-testing the food sensitivities and the Metabolic Typing tests are not necessary.

Now the fun of living in line with your individual health needs begins and learning how to make this an ongoing lifestyle is the key to success.

We have an on-going membership community that you can join for support, advice, to share recipes, exercises, and cool finds with others.

Can I still do the tests if I am taking medication or hormones?

Yes.  While we have an ideal routine for you to follow when doing the testing, we have evaluated thousands of test results and can get to the deeper root of what’s going on even if you are taking medication, hormone replacement or take the test on a day where your routine is abnormal.

We’ve got your back and can help work around any obstacles between you and your optimal health.

Will I need to take supplements?

Part of your protocol will include supplements and they may come in the form of capsules, drops or powder to add to drinks. 

These are all different depending on your body’s starting point and needs.

What is important to realize is that today it is nearly impossible to get all of our required nutrition from food alone. 

This is for 2 reasons:

1) The food isn’t the same as it was designed. Even organic foods have shown a decrease in nutrient value compared with just 50-80 years ago and it’s continuing to get worse. 

2) It’s a toxic world.
The environment isn’t what we’re designed for. More toxins are coming on our food, in our air, our water, cosmetics, our clothing, and sleep materials and it continues to get worse. 

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