How To Overcome Hormone Imbalance to Drop the Fat, Clear the Fog and Beat Fatigue At Any Age

The most comprehensive, drug-free program to balance hormones naturally Created by a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and a Registered Nurse
It’s been a pleasure working with you and I’m soooooo happy with the results I’ve received and everything that I’ve learned during this time.

I can’t begin to explain in words how wonderful it’s been to work through these issues and feel like myself again when I had so much despair before.

Carrie Crockett

Are you suffering any of these 3 signs of Hormone Imbalance?

Hard to Burn Fat

Are you struggling to burn fat, especially around your belly?
Are you finding that the tricks that you once used just aren’t working anymore?

Not Healing or Growing

If your body isn’t recovering from exercise, strenuous activities, late nights or you are burned out from striving in your business or career, then Hormone Imbalance may be what’s holding you back.

You’re up, but not yet awake!

Do you wake up feeling rested, or do you need more sleep, no matter how early you go to bed?  Are you energized when you get up in the morning or do you only feel as though you “get going” several hours later?

Get On The Path To Reclaim Your
HealthVitality & Happiness NOW!

Reignite Your Metabolism!

Enjoy increased, sustained energy to live an active healthy lifestyle.
Understand your body’s unique rhythms and needs so that you can follow a program that gets you the results you’ve long been searching for.

Boost Productivity & Performance!

Go from busy & inefficient to having clarity of mind to perform more effectively and with excellence.


Feel Like Yourself Again!

Regain the zest for life you once had, to do the hobbies and activities that bring you joy! Spend more time with the people you love, make plans to make memorable moments!


We've Laid Out Everything You Need To Balance Your Hormones, Choose the Right Bio-Identical Supplements and Create Habits that Lead To Results

Here's How We'll Do It...

Step 1: Assess, Don't Guess!

First you’ll learn the difference between cookie cutter programs and TRUE high performance customization (and why you should be choosing the latter…). You’ll receive your test kit in the mail and we’ll walk you through how to take and submit your samples.

Step 2: Hormone Function 101

In your Members Area we have easy to follow videos where you’ll learn the the unique functions of each Hormone and what the signs of imbalance are. You will also learn the optimal ratios between the Hormones, which is most important for real-worldfunctioning. This provides you with a great base level of knowledge for when we go over your results together.

Step 3: Review Your Results

Your results come in 7-10 days from when the lab receives your sample.  You will then receive a personalized video explaining your specific results and you’ll learn where you’re doing well, and where you need improvement.
You will also have a 1-on-1 results consultation where we will highlight any red-flags that may indicate the need for further testing.
(Done In person or via Skype/Phone)

Step 4: Receive Your Personalized Hormone Map™

Your Hormone Map™ is a specific protocol of selected nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, supplementation and lifestyle actions that have been chosen to guide you back to balance.  We create a unique walkthrough video for your Hormone Map™ and answer any questions on the live Q&A call.
We stay in regular communication via email, text message or phone over your 90 day protocol to support you in implementation and motivation!

Get started today – Here’s what you get:

  • Comprehensive Saliva Lab test – 7 Primary hormones; Cortisol 4 x day, DHEA, Estradiol, Estriol, Testosterone, Progesterone & Melatonin; in a Federally certified Laboratory. We pay your lab fees & Express domestic shipping for you! 
  • Private Members Area – with instructional videos to show you how to balance your hormones drug-free.
  • Integrated Success Guidebook – Helps you stay accountable on your path through the program.
  • Your Hormone Map™ – A Personalized Protocol designed specifically for you, to bring balance and vitality back into your life safely and effectively.
  • 1hr Private Phone/Skype Consultation – Ask us anything you want, get clarity and gain confidence by knowing What to do, Why to do it & How it’ll benefit you.
  • Weekly check ins – with your Health Coaches Ben & Suzanne.
  • … and so much more!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Your investment is protected by our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Here’s how it works: You have a full 30 days to view “The Hormone Map™ Training Program.”  If you decide during that time that “The Hormone Map™” is not right for you, just let us know and you’ll be issued a full and prompt refund. Please note that no refunds will be issued after a lab test has been submitted.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

It’s been a pleasure working with you and I’m soooooo happy with the results I’ve received and everything that I’ve learned during this time.

I can’t begin to explain in words how wonderful it’s been to work through these issues and feel like myself again when I had so much despair before.

Carrie Crockett, Designer

“I was having some issues with lack of energy and a general feeling of malaise throughout the day. I was relying heavily on caffeine and other stimulants to power me through my weightlifting and running sessions.

I was referred to The Hormone Map™ and was recommended to take a saliva test to evaluate my hormone levels and look for the underlying cause of my problems.

Ben reviewed the results with me and “held my hand” as he broke all the scientific jargon down into layman’s terms so that I could see just what was going on.

I took the recommended supplements and started to get back to normal energy levels within a few weeks!
The follow up saliva test also revealed that my hormone levels had improved significantly.

I would highly recommend The Hormone Map™ to anyone who is looking to feel better, get stronger, more fit and stabilize their energy levels as well as increase their sense of well-being.”

Mike Rule, Trainer& Publicist

“I started working with Ben a few years back after suffering a rather extreme case of adrenal fatigue while tackling a graduate program and working full time. I felt so horrible I was inclined to go towards more extreme measures. After a long review of my situation, Ben recommended we try a more balanced approach. He gave me supplement recommendations that were far more affordable and within two to three days of taking them, I was already feeling better. Fortunately Ben & Suzanne are there to re-evaluate everything on a weekly basis to address questions or concerns. Sometimes I fall off balance a bit with the stresses of life. Fortunately Ben & Suzanne have a very holistic view of health and can make easy and affordable tweaks that help me regain balance and either feel a lot better or perform a lot better.”
Ravi Chand, MBA

“Ben was clear and explicit in his interpretation of my adrenal results. He took the least invasive, natural approach to my adrenal issues and also arranged to coordinate care with my primary physician if more intensive action is required.

They set forth goals and check-up points for my treatment as it moves forward, and helped me to order the products I needed.

In addition, they made a comprehensive video presentation interpreting of my results which has been useful to share with other doctors and for personal reference.”

Guy Thyer, Student

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

When will I get my lab results?

You sample kit will be shipped to you immediately following your order. The kit should arrive within a week.
Once you have submitted your specimen to the lab, your results will arrive within 10-14 business days.
While you are waiting for your results please review the videos and documents in Module 2 to better prepare yourself for understanding your results when they arrive.

Is there a guarantee?

Everyone is unique, therefore we cannot predict or guarantee a certain outcome.  The quality of our program, tools and service is protected by our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
Here’s how it works: You have a full 30 days to view “The Hormone Map™ Training Program.”  If you decide during that time that “The Hormone Map™” is not right for you, just let us know and you’ll be issued a full and prompt refund. Please note that no refunds will be issued after a lab test has been submitted.

I'm on medication, will the Hormone test still be accurate?

Yes. The test will accurately represent a “snapshot” of your present hormone levels and ratios, in your present state, while on current medications.  It will reflect your body’s hormonal response to your current lifestyle.  We take this into account when personalizing your protocol.  Whatever your circumstances, they affect your life.  We work with you accordingly for real-life results!

Always consult your prescribing practitioner before starting any new program We do not recommend starting, stopping or changing the dose of any medication without talking to your healthcare provider!

Is hormone testing appropriate for men?

Yes. Hormonal imbalances in men have been linked to increased risks for prostate disease, low libido, erectile dysfunction, rapid aging, and poor quality of life in general. It is a common misconception that men do not experience significant hormonal shifts and testing for men is equally important as women.

When can I expect to feel a difference?

While we expect that you will notice a shift almost immediatelystarting your Hormone Map™ protocol, everyone’s experiences will be unique. It is important for you to report to us how you are feeling on a regular basis during your journey on your protocol so that we can make any adjustments as needed.  We have a community forum and live Q&A calls built into the program to assist you in doing this.

How accurate is saliva testing compared to blood and urine testing?

Saliva testing has been shown to be highly accurate, especially when measuring “free” circulating hormones, which are the ones that are available and working at a cellular level in the body.

Standard blood and urine tests do not measure bioavailable hormone levels.  Instead they measure “serum” levels which are bound and inactive, meaning they do not accurately reflect your internal health or performance.

The World Health Organization has used this method of hormone testing in worldwide comparisons of hormone levels among women living in industrialized vs. non-industrialized countries. In addition, saliva hormone testing more accurately reflects tissue uptake and response of hormones delivered through the skin in creams, gels, or patches than blood or urine tests.

What can I expect at the end of my 90 day protocol?

We are confident that you will be on your way to feeling, looking and performing better after closely following your 90 day protocol. At this point you have the option to re-test to evaluate your progress. We offer follow-up lab tests at a discounted rate of $297.
Depending on your needs we may recommend and can provide other testing or programs to support your optimal health.

How much time do I have to submit my Hormone test?

You have 6 months from the time of your order to submit your specimen to the lab. Please contact our friendly support staff if any problems or obstacles arise and we will do our best to help. Extensions may be granted for extraordinary circumstances.  You will have access to the training material and your program for as long as you are a paid member in good standing. Your access will never be revoked.

Reignite Your Metabolism.
Boost Productivity & Performance.
Feel Like Yourself Again!

About The Creators

Ben & Suzanne bring a unique, expert approach because of their diverse backgrounds, education and experience.

Ben Patwa has 20 years+ of extensive study and hands-on experience in Physiotherapy, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Holistic Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Fitness Competition Prep and Sports Performance.
He opened one of the first integrated wellness clinics in London, England and has presented to large audiences on these topics.

Suzanne Catherine has 24+ years in the field of Nursing, having worked at some of the top Critical Care Units and Post-Anesthesia Care Units in the country: New York Presbyterian Hospital – Cornell,  UCLA Medical Center, USC University Medical Center, UCSF Medical Center, Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
She has also spent 7+ years as a private health consultant, guiding many clients through various medical, surgical and life-altering interventions, using a unique and customized holistic plan of care for each individual.

Along the way we have helped: Movie Producers, Top 40 singers, PGA tour Golfers, renowned stock market traders, Government officials, Hollywood film & television celebrities, Bodybuilders & Fitness Models.

We have all too often seen how poor health destroys families, fortunes and freedom. It strains relationships, business, finances and zaps the energy necessary to fully enjoy life.
We created this program to expand our reach and improve the health and lives of more people!

Creators Ben & Suzanne

Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist & Registered Nurse

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